U3 on display in Malmoe

Welcome aboard to discover a true                  submarine!

  • U3 one in the series of the world’s first subs with wholly welded pressure hull!
  • U3 one in the first series Swedish submarines with dieselelectric propulsion!
  • U3 one in the series of wholly Swedish designed submarines!

Take the opportunity to see and learn about the submarine life in Sweden during and after World War II.

In the museum you can enter the U3. You can walk trough from stem to stern and see how the submariners lived. All technical equipment is in place.
True submariners, veterans are available as guides. They are eager to tell you about life aboard and how to operate the boat.
Time and place you’ll find in our contact page.

                         Welcome Aboard!
                              Göran Korch
                                   CO U3