U3 Veterans Crew

We are a group of ”old” submariners having the submarine U3 in Malmö as the common denominator. The crew consists of all possible categories as conscripts to commanding officers as well as submarine designers

- We give guiding tours for visitors to the boat
- We assist the Malmö Museum in documenting the boat and inform on the life of a submarine.
- We assist Malmö Museum in keeping the boat in a good shape utilizing our skill and experience
- We form a group with submarine experience meeting under sociable forms

In 1987-88 Lars-Olof ”the Shadow” Skoglund from the Naval Museum’s Supporting Society was approached by Per Winbladh from the Submarine Club of Malmö and asked to form a crew for the U3. By getting the Submarine U3 Standard Orders, it became possible get the right man to the right position. One also succeded to find for instance torpedo technicians, radiomen and sonar operators. In a few years time we had a full crew and our first commanding officer in place, Carl Fehrlund. Carl was in his days the most experienced commanding officer and teacher of submarine officers. He had also assisted in developing computerized combat control systems.

Sven Rahmberg, Gert Garin, Hans Ellerström and Jonny Ekdal, all from the Submarine club were given the task together with the Museum’s Supporting Society to lead the renovation of the U3 and see to that her poor state was rectified and put her into a ship shape condition.

After this brushing up of the boat, museum visitor’s attention increased. Our enthusiastic first officer, Gert Garin organized public guidance twice a week. Several members of the crew assisted in these guidings. This activity has continued since 2000 without interruptions. The crew has now performed more than 10000 guiding hours for visitors from 135 different nations.

The running upkeep has continued, led by our experienced members Jan Nordenman and Lars Jeppsson. The Museum’s personnel has over again  been assisted by crew members in their work on the boat.
There are also internal crew meeting of social nature were nostalgia and stories flourish. Speeches on submarine matters are regularly arranged. We also keep contacts with other Scandinavian  submarine clubs.

Guiding on board U3

The guiding is so arranged that three crew members are posted in different parts of the boat during normal museum opening hours, twice a week.  We inform on life on board and the technical equipment and questions are answered

Guide on duty
Here Danish visitors are guided by Göte Birkmark. Photo U3 archives.

Special guiding is also performed after agreement between i.e. school classes, companies and the museum. Please contact us if you want a special guiding arranged.

Submarine U3 veterans celebrating
U3 veterans celebrating the 10000 guiding hour. Photo U3 archives.

Crew meetings

Internal meetings are regularly held on club matters as activities and organizational questions. There will then often be held speeches on submarine matters on both actual submarine conditions and on historical subjects. Storries are told and memories are exchanged.

The former U3 cook, Göte Lindberg is here playing accordion for his mates. photo U3 archives

Visits are arranged to modern submarines and frequent contacts are taken with the Swedis Navy submarine division. We also communicate with fellows in the Norwegian Danish and German counterparts.

Ships numbers 57 Walter Johansson and 56 Kjell Lund on a visit to the submarine Nordkaparen, Gothenburg.
Ships numbers 57 Walter Johansson and 56 Kjell Lund on a visit to the submarine Nordkaparen, Gothenburg. Photo U3 archives.