Deck service

The boatswain was head of the deck service. His responsibility was the navigational equipment, deck equipment, provisions and he was also the ship cashier. When at sea dived, he was the planesman on port watch.

The second petty officer of deck service was the first helmsman, named 1.S He was responsible for the artillery and mine provision. He was also overseeing the sailors good behavior. At sea submerged, 1.S was the planesman on starboard watch.

Signalling and control surfaces were managed by three men who also had other tasks.

The crew carried ships number Sknr. Sknr 1 was responsible for signalling and health care. Sknr 2. was the boats carpenter and Sknr 3. was ”the skippers man”.

Steering was performed from the fin when surfaced and from the control room when submerged.

Signalling was performed either by semaphore flags or with a morse lamp.

Submarine U8 Signalman semaphoring.
U8 Signalman semaphoring. Photo U3 archives.