Sea duty

When at sea either surfaced or dived, work was arranged in 4 hours sea watches. Half of the crew was then on watch while the other half was off. The meals were taken while being off watch.

The different duties onboard were distributed to different craftsmen. There were seamen’s division for deck service. That entailed officers, helmsmen, signal- artillery- sonar- and radiomen.

There was also a division of engineers and motormen

Further there were cooks and torpedo men.

The standard crew counted 26 men. Onboard duties were specified in the Submarine Standard Orders.

The crew was a very coherent group. Ultimately everyone was dependent of each member of the crew to act responsible as mistakes could lead to a catastrophe.

A submariner was expected to act to a great degree independently without being given direct commands. This behaviour is still practiced by Swedish submarines of today, giving great coherence and professional pride.

U3 Submarine Standard Operations, RSwN.
U3 Submarine Standard Operations, RSwN. Pdf 3Mb in Swedish.